We due to declare that we are the uncrowned specialists in making Biryani, whether it's chicken or lamb. The food we serve is appreciated not only in Hubli, but the best loved in whole of North Karnataka, according to customers which consists of families like your's, students from far away places, travelers and our stun chest of critics.
Biryani Paradise is located at Mohsin Arcade, Unkal Cross, Hubli, which is at stone's throwaway distant from picturesque Unkal Lake with beautifully maintained garden and children's park. To reach us at the hotel, no need to take any by lanes or crosses because we are situated right at the national highway, Pune-Bangalore road which is very easily accessible to our regular customers and highway travelers. Easily connected to various places in Hubli by city bus service. As the bus stop is located exactly opposite our Paradise.
The atmosphere at our restaurant is pleasant, quite, natural and simple without any extravagant decorations. A cool natural breeze flows through which generates the need for artificial wind through ceiling fans. The reason behind the serene atmosphere at our restaurant can be attributed perhaps to our thing, which we proudly announce that we don't serve Liquor and we do not allow any Liquor from out side in our restaurant, which disturbs the peace and tranquility. Our restaurant is one among the very few which does not entertain liquor/alcohol along with non-vegetarian dishes.
"TREATS IN A TRICE" - The service given to our customers is impeccable. We serve the food within a few minutes after the order is placed unlike the most non-vegetarian restaurants where they take ages to serve the ordered food. We have good trained staff which takes care of even minute blemishes in our service. You will wish dishing out at your place could be as quickly and easy.
Our seating arrangement is limited which will accommodate about 25 customers at a given time with six dining tables. The seating arrangement is intentionally limited towards achieving quality and adequate care of each of our customers.
What better way to enjoy the ethereal weather than indulging in a luxurious spread of tongue warming dishes on picnics, parties, get-togethers. We have excellent catering service and packaging materials. Aluminium foil packaging which keeps the food warm for long time for a late night dinner.
A little planning, a lot of hard work and the Grace of almighty Allah have made this project successful. Overnight planning executed promptly and utilization of idle space by Mr. S.B Mohsin (Civil Engineer) and Dr. N.F Mohsin with able support from family members and relatives has been the contributory factors to what it is now.
Special thanks to our chief cook who guided us at every step, our manager and assistant cook, as this field was entirely new to us.